Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs


Okee - Harmonia MadisonAssisting Vicki May, Okee’s specialty is being a dog who thinks he is human. He likes greeting people who have treats or food with them, sleeping behind Vicki’s chair, and following her everywhere. He understands confidentiality and never repeats what he hears!

Charley and Lambert

Charley and Lambert at HarmoniaAssisting Andrea Torres, Charley (blue black) and Lambert (apricot white) fully believe they are people in poodle bodies, and therefore have their own unique super powers. Charley, the elder, is experienced in providing a safe environment. He has dealt with a lot of loss during his life and is very attuned to emotions. He provides love to anyone who is hurting, and he appreciates ear scratches. Lambert (Larry) is an abuse survivor who exudes a grateful happy energy since he has moved forward from that difficult time. He enjoys belly rubs. They both respect confidentiality and often consult with each other to insure best outcome for all.


imageAssisting Bonnie Milgrim, Annie is a sweet and gentle presence, reassuring and comforting to have in sessions. In her unassuming silent presence one feels touched by her natural empathy.










Fluffy, assisting Ann Jamison, is a mixed breed stray turned rescue from rural Texas. Fluffy began his Wisconsin life with some healing work of his own to do, and has blossomed into a gentle and joyful being. He is blind and navigates the world through sound, touch, smell, and his empathic senses. He is a loving embodiment of the resilience of living things.

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