Beth Wortzel, MA, LCSW

Beth Wortzel, MA, LCSW

Beth Wortzel - Harmonia Center for Psychotherapy, Madison, WISince 1981 I have had the privilege of working with clients as a psychotherapist in private practice. I found great inspiration in the therapeutic process and in my client’s abilitiy to achieve all around well being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I helped my clients address a wide range of issues in my years as a therapist, including: relationship issues, issues of self-worth and self-esteem, questions around life purpose and life direction, family of origin issues, past trauma and more.

However, my practice is now changing. I will no longer be taking individual clients. I will continue to teach meditation individually and in classes including as an instructor with the Mindfulness Training for Smokers smoking cessation program at UnityPoint Meriter. In 2016 I received training in MB-EAT or Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness Training. I am now offering MB-EAT groups through my private practice as well as at UW Health at the American Center. For more details about MB-EAT see details below. For most of my career I incorporated the use of flower essences into my practice. I continue to offer flower essence consultation and selection as a separate service apart from psychotherapy. You may leave me a message at (608) 313-4361.

About MB-EAT:

We all eat. But when this leads to painful and constant struggle over most meals and many foods, it may be time to consider other ways of relating to your eating, yourself, and the many food choices we face each day. Mindful eating is a powerful way of relating to your experiences of food, your relationship to your body, and the joy that is possible in savoring your experiences. Many of us find ourselves eating in a hurry, while socializing, or overeat by eating everything on our plate just because it’s there.  We might be eating to handle stress, gobbling down a favorite ‘comfort’ food, but not even really tasting it after the first few bites. Mindfulness helps connect the mind and the body, slows us down for a moment so we can stop reacting to inner or outer experiences and make more thoughtful choices.

Learning how to be mindful and eat mindfully is at the core of this program’s success and what sets it apart from most other means of addressing eating and weight issues. This comprehensive 12 session program incorporates ways to help people tune into their experiences of hunger, taste, and fullness rather than ignoring these important feedback messages. MB-Eat also addresses how to choose foods wisely, both for satisfaction and for health. We all have a capacity to be mindful, but mindfulness meditation is one of the most powerful ways to develop that capacity further and exercise it as fully as possible, therefore meditation and other mindfulness practices such as mindful walking are an integral part of the program.

MB-EAT, developed by Dr. Jean Kristeller, Professor Emeritus at Indiana State University, offers help for those of us dealing with compulsive eating, binge eating, losing weight, maintaining  weight loss, and/or simply wanting to improve our relationship with food and ourselves.

You may leave me a message at (608) 313-4361 or email Please include your name and phone number in any correspondence.

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